About Us

About The Design Image Group

The Design Image Group (“The DIG”) delivers real-world creative solutions for clients’ real-world business needs.

Discover our uniquely pragmatic approach to bringing brands, products, services and programs to life in their marketplace with compelling design and expert implementation. Strategic concept and design solutions are developed in a framework that balances clients’ business objectives, the competitive arena and production parameters. The DIG’s culture of craftsmanship and a formidable roster of creative support services provide precise expertise for all vital implementation steps…because after all, even the very best ideas will only be as good as their successful implementation in the marketplace.

Strategic concepting + design for:

  • Branding & identity
  • CPG and institutional package design
  • Retail environment POS & display
  • All forms of print communications, including:
    • Sales materials
    • Catalogs
    • Trade & consumer promotion
    • Consumer & B2B direct mail
    • Consumer & B2B print advertising
    • Instructional and support materials
  • Web & social media advertising and communications

Tactical Support Services:

  • Superior production art for virtually every print, packaging and
    POS reprographic/manufacturing application:
    • Complex regulatory and compliance parameters
    • Multi-lingual and international versions
    • Co-branded, partner-marketed and licensed programs
    • Volume program management, versioning, rebrand implementation
      and more.

Prototyping & Visualization:

  • Die & structure drawings; 2D and 3D mockups
  • 2D & 3D “hero” comps
  • Sales sample and market research multiples
  • Product and package visualization: 
    • Renderings
    • Virtual comps
    • Planogram visualization
    • Digital imaging and photocomposition
    • Infographics
    • Instructional visuals and forms of illustration.

Integrated pre and post-production support:

  • Creative and instructional copy development
  • Translation procurement
  • Project management and trafficking
  • Outside reprographics and logistics procurement